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Red Roses by M3004
Red Roses
Gin (the girl) -> :iconveil-of-midnight::icongrotesquelycute: <- Saik (the dude)
Art -> :iconm3004:

This is an incredibly late birthday present for my dear :iconveil-of-midnight:
It's her Persona/OC Gin with her boyfriend Saik :heart:
I really hope I got the height difference right, I took this pic as a ref ->…

Also I must admit, that I really adore roses... but right here they killed me :rofl:
I thought about more BG too, but I think it would have made the picture quite confusing

I love Gin man Q///A///Q ♥
And Saik
But I love Angi the most mwahahaha :icongwompplz:

I hope you like it :la:
Survivor and Milena OLD colored sketch by M3004
Survivor and Milena OLD colored sketch
Survivor, Milena, picture :iconm3004:

Well hello there :dummy:
Here is another OLD piece of mine. I think that this is.... actually from last year? Or at least from the beginning of this year.
And I know that there are A LOT of faults XD
Collarbones for example, Milena's face AND PLEASE... I KNOW the hands are CREEPY. But it seems as if I had a bad hands-day and I was too lazy to change them after all this time OTL
I also colored this more quickly and less detailed than normally, which is simply because it had actually been only a sketch, but I realized that you have never ever seen Survivor and since Milena also got a new style.. Well, I just thought I should show the colors to you.
Here is the only and old pic of Milena btw ->…
And this is their youngest sister Nawaikima who needs a re-do as well ->…

Actually I must admit that
1st. Atm I am not really in the mood to write long biographys
2nd. There isn't THAT MUCH about them to say


I'll write a short info:

First of all Survivor, Milena and Nawaikima are all firedemons (here you see the most humane form of Survivor and Milena though). And not only that. They are the princes and princesses of the fireland, if I may so so. Since the fireland gets called "hell" by many humans though and they also believe that it is ruled by "devil" aka "Satan" the king/queen of the fireland gets always called "Satan". In THIS case it's Survivor's, Milena's and Nawaikima's MOTHER though ;): So yeah, the "devil" is female :dummy:
(Also humans think a lot of things about the fireland, that aren't true. For example bad people don't go to "hell" after they died. All human souls go to the underworld in my world)

Survivor: Survivor is the oldest child of Satan. Unlike most demons, he is very cheerful and careless. He's average-smart though, not dumb and he is strong, but he avoids battles, since he calls it a waste of time. He's also pretty curious and nice to have around as well as loyal, but also funny. All in all Survivor's personality reminds more of a human, than a demon, but the firedemons respect him anyway. 

When he had business in the human-world (Of course the fucking PRINCE IS allowed to go up to the human world XD), he met a girl called Yuka. They only talked for a minute, but he took a like to her and told her to run, since he knew traffickers would come this way and take her with them. Yuka didn't believe him though and just continued collecting berries to eat. Without even thinking about it he secretely passed her a necklace, which continued a bit of demon-power, before he just walked away and finished his mission. It took him a half year until he was able to search for Yuka, who was now known as a "monster" across the area, since she went crazy and killed everyone that came into her way. However, when he finally found her, she was surprised, that he didn't want his amulet back. He just wanted to follow her around. Slowly his presence seemed to calm her and wash away her anger. After one year Yuka's aggression had faded completely and she gave him back his necklace without him even asking for it. He just gave it back to her, telling her that he wanted to know she was save. 2 months after that, they got together as a couple. 

Milena: Milena is a pretty strict and merciless woman, who always follows the rules. She is incredibly strong and quickly gets annoyed. She's also very clever though and has got herself under control, so she often just chokes down her annoyance. However, there is nothing that perplexes her more than kindness.

Milena always wanted to become a Guardian and trained hard for her goal. That's how she became the youngest and probably scariest Guardian ever. Nobody who had to stand against her ALL ALONE ever survived, EXCEPT of Amon. However, when suddenly a human called Keno runs around in the fireland, where no humans are allowed, Milena takes it as her quest to get him out of her country again. It appears that the human had actually died already, but somehow found a way from the Underworld into the Fireland, in which he wants to find a way back to earth again and therefor get "revived". Milena, who should have actually brought him back to the Underworld was impressed by that braveness and since she wanted to get him out of the Fireland, she agreed to help him. It took Keno and her 1 month to finally get out and to earth again. In this time a strong relationship between both of them developed and although they parted at first, Milena later decided to follow him and arrived just in time, because "that fool" was about to get himself killed AGAIN. It was then, when both of them realized they wanted to stay together and Keno offered her to show her his world. Milena accepted the offer, although she shouldn't have... However with the additional time they now spend on earth, friendship changed into love and while many firedemons have tried so many times to win Milena's heart and always got rejected, it was this "weak human" she ended up giving her heart to. Because strength, muscles and belongings aren't everything. 

That's it
So called "Short info" OTL

I hope you like them

PS: You also can't know Keno, don't worry, he has been an OC of mine for years, but I've never uploaded him. Must really give him a re-do too by the way. Also, I must admit that I once deleted him, but then couldn't live without him. So if you remember a Keno, it was the wrong one, because I loved that name and gave it to another Oc, when the original Keno was deleted, but the other Keno was a jerk and got REALLY deleted, while the original Keno is back.... Ugh yeah.. I know... this is kinda... distracting. Sorry for that :rofl:
Amon and Chrysopra at morning~ by M3004
Amon and Chrysopra at morning~
OCs and Art :iconm3004:

Well hello there, I know none of you is interested in my uploads anyways, but I want to get my shit up here.

Actually I started this in JANUARY and finished it 2 months ago.
I just wanted to write Amon a biography and then upload it, but uh
To be honest I am not in the mood to write a big biography and Amon isn't one of my important OCs soooo... I'll just give you a short info and keep the details to.. well, me

But before I start. THIS is Chrysopra's (…) human form, just so you know.

Amon is actually a firedemon. He is VERY old and after a certain time he got tired of being more or less captured in his country, so he left it. He was the FIRST demon ever, who was able to leave the fireland and NOT get killed by the Guardians. He soon helped others to flee though, because he realized that all alone none would be able to stand against the Guardians for too long. He and his group (called "The Resistance") also realized they had to always stay in a place, where many humans were (especially when they were alone), since the Guardians aren't allowed to show their true form to any human being. Amon, who had learned  A LOT about the human world, faked some certificates and other important paperstuff and became a teacher. Surprisingly he was a very good teacher and soon even became the principal of a school. While the one part of his group couldn't resist their demon nature, got out of control and had to be killed, the other easily adapted to the humans. When Amon had business in the fireland again, he met Chrysopra, who now follows him everywhere and acts like his wife. 
The greatest enemies of The Resistence are (of course) the Guardians, but also Psycho's Army (since they sooner or later want to show humans that firedemons exist)

Chrysopra: *just stood up and sees Amon standing next to the table, dressed and with a cup of coffee* Oi, d a r l i n g ~ What are you doing? Why did you get up this early? 
Amon: *looks to her* Morning, well, unlike you, I have got a job.
Chrysopra: Oh, so you are getting ready for this thing called "school"?
Amon: *sighs* Yes
Chrysopra: *hugs him from behind* Awwe, can't you stay just a little. I'd really like to have good-morning-sex :heart:
Amon: We won't have sex at all.
Chrysopra: Phhrrrrr you're so cruel =3= Are all teachers like you? Some sort of job-disease I guess?
Amon: That's not it, I just don't know you.
Chrysopra: AWE HOW CAN YOU EVEN SAY THAT?! You know... I am yours now~ And I want to be around you! And.. if we can't have sex, I want to at least be allowed to go to work with you >:0
Amon: You want to accompany me?! Into school? I don't think that's a good idea...
Chrysopra: Wha- WHY ?!
Amon: *sighs again* Because you love to run around naked and can't act normal.
Chrysopra: OH I SEE. Mister, you are UNDERESTIMATING me! I will act just like an angel~ ♥
Amon: Oh gods, please help me... Hah.... You have to promise.
Chrysopra: PROMISED
Amon: Alright then.. put some clothes on and follow me, just like always..
Chrysopra: OH YESSSS ♥♥♥
Amon: ... I will regret this, won't I ?
Screenshot Meme :D x3333 by M3004
Screenshot Meme :D x3333
Tagged by :iconveil-of-midnight:
Merani -> :iconm3004:
All other Ocs belong to their rightful owners :)

Awwwe I am finally done with this :la:
And I am SO HAPPY about it :iconlawooplz: I ALWAYS wanted to do a screenshot meme, but nobody tagged me QAQ 
And well, I am the last one who got tagged and finished but wellp... I wanted to do something pretty and so I could only work on it when having time and being motivated XD

About the character I used: Her name is Merani and she is my 4th and (at least I guess so) last Persona/OC
She lives in the world of Fire Emblem Awakening
BUT (for those who know the game) even though she is a tactician, she IS NOT the MyUnit (your Avatar in the game). I made her a completely own story, just saying. I will post it here with another picture though, cause it simply doesn't fit right here.
I can already tell you that she mainly represents LOGIC and REALISM (while Psycho mainly represents Insanity and strength, Mel idealism and hope and Shadow desperation). That doesn't mean, it's the only thing about her though ;)

ANYWAYS I hope you like it ♥

- Screenshot the picture of the one that tagged you
Paste it into your art program
- Draw your character on the right side of mine [can be canine/feline/dragon/anthro/pony as well]
- Tag 2 or more people
- Include this rules to the description
- Post it to DA and link to the person you got the meme from!
- Try to keep the best quality possible
- Show off and have fun!

I tag:
 :iconengelmoon: :iconseptemberice: and :iconnojida:
(Only if you guys got time and motivation though ;) ♥)
Hey there guys :dummy:
It's really not much
I just wanted to mention that I set up a new folder in my favorites, which is called "stuff for me.."
There I will put commissions and gifts etc I get ♥
The old ones aren't in it, because in all my favs I can't find every single piece.
But I will use this folder in future. I came up with that idea because I have caught myself several times now looking into that folders of others, because of wanting to find someone to commish and because I love my friend's Ocs and wanna see what they get :dummy:
So I thought: OKAY I NEED SUCH A FOLDER TOO... Maybe people are interested Q3Q

So yeah, I have got it now and the latest coms etc. are already in :dummy:

EDIT: Thanks to :iconveil-of-midnight: it must contain nearly all commissions and gifts now :la: ♥ THANKS 
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Hey I´m M3004. But you can also call me Psycho or Melanie.
I´m from germany and I draw and write stories.
I also make bases.
And just so you know: I am very direct ;). So if something or somebody disturbs me I will say that! Everybody who can´t deal with that is wrong on my page.
I will do everything for my friends, cause when I start trusting somebody he/she won´t be able to escape anymore XD.
Sometimes I´m not in the mood for dA so don´t wonder if I´m not online for a while.. I will come back ;)
If you still have questions feel free to ask!

Now I just have to say one IMPORTANT thing:

Yes.. I make FAULTS.. A LOT of faults... but I can learn from them... you just have to give me a chance!
Thank you =)

♥♥♥ :happybounce: jean x marco stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Jean x Marco Stamp by KsiezniczkaOlya :happybounce: ♥♥♥

Ocs stamp by M3004

Important and so damn lovely!!!:

♥♥♥ Etrian Odyssey - Stamp by Dre00iz ♥♥♥
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stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge
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.Color Pencils Stamp. by PetiteTangerine

Wanna know what is an inspiration, fun and has better worlds than the one we live in? GAMES. Seriously. I also found some nice stamps about that ♥:

Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Game Boy Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow
NES Stamp by StampPKU video game stamp by silver-escape I Heart Nintendo. by caffeine-overdosed
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Golden Sun - Stamp by Nintteplz Golden Sun - Dark Dawn Stamp by Megg-Lavender FOE stamp by PuddingValkyrie

Did you know that school is both? Positive and negative. Negative for example all those idiots you meet who are less clever than a stone. Positive for example all those funny and kind.. all those different people you meet when you have luck. All those bad days and all those crazy days. But I can also say about school:
STOOPID stamp by inkscripter Drawing in math class stamp by lizabey :thumb127458965:
Hogwarts Stamp by WetWithRain Procrastination Stamp by SweetDuke Homework Kills Stamp by Sky-Yoshi

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