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The God's War by M3004
The God's War
Tlachtga, Akai and Shihan + art -> :iconm3004:

I got totally inspired in holiday by my god's story and how the war will end and all, so I wanted to draw Tlachtga, Akai (the leader of gods of darkness) and Shihan (leader of gods of light) again and I also made new ones and yadda yadda. 
-This picture which shows a few scenes from the war itself 
-I want to write down a few scenes of the war and it's end. I even got the plot done already, but I can't find time to actually write it down QAQ: However, the plot is here and hopefully I can start the writing soon (it will be written in german though)
-A few new, god-OCs, that have to be introduced

I actually wanted to tell you more about this, but it's old and I have no motivation, so sorry.
Oh yeah. I really don't like Akai's armor here. Looks silly OTL
But I like the rest QAQ ♥
Back together by M3004
Back together
Medracor, Elec, Andariel, Bloodlash and the closed species "petit cauchemar" (->…) -> :iconm3004:

Important things first

1st. This picture is pretty old. However, I don't have much time atm, which is why it took me so long to write their bio. 
2nd. I am not very concentrated, when being at home after a long school day, so forgive me, if there are english faults
3rd. I'm sorry, that I am very inactive atm, but I really don't have much time :(
4th. There are still so much pics I need to upload and all of those OCs need biographies ugh

In case you wonder, why I don't simply upload the picture without biography: It kinda feels incomplete to me without bio, especially when I want to give them a bio. OTL

Title: Dark Queen

Name: Andariel Dawn

Age: Unknown

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Status: At the moment single again (but will most likely get together with Medracor)

Class: Dark Magician/Curser (somebody who is a specialist at cursing people)

Element: Darkness

Personality: Andariel is a cruel and often sadistic woman, who knows exactly how to confuse and use others to get her will. She is said to be a “femme fatale” or even “demon”, who never rests until she gets what she wants. Andariel can be incredibly enchanting and indeed is a MASTER at manipulating. Her heart is said to be as cold as ice, since she barely shows any empathy or mercy.

Story: Much of her past is actually unknown. People only know that Andariel lives much longer than a human should normally live and it’s also known that she has been the second student seen as worthy enough to learn from the former Dark Queen Minerva, who is known as the strongest dark mage of this time. Her first student was Chinga Dragon, even though this girl had nothing in her that made her a true witch/wizard and her element wasn’t darkness, but fire. Andariel didn’t care, instead of teaching her magic, she taught her how to fight and how to use her element properly and in exchange Chinga should work for her.  However in general Andariel is only hunting for more and more power. Unfortunately she crossed the way of Chinga and her new group NightOfWar about 2 years after Chinga left her. Turning angry to see her former student and nearly daughter wandering around with some “inferior creatures”, Andariel spoke a curse on them, which should turn out to be one of her biggest faults ever, since this was when NightOfWar and her officially started to being enemies. Now, whenever Andariel destroyed a village, injured some people and hunted for power, NightOfWar was there to save the innocent and stop the “bad”. They slowly became the biggest enemy and it happened in one big battle, that the always growing group nearly killed her, actually they really thought they eliminated her, but Andariel was able to save her life. However, she had to find a way to get those stupid hero-playing kids off of her case and she then remembered about her teacher’s first student Alejandro, another dark mage, so strong that humans put him away somewhere even Minerva didn’t manage to find him…. But Andariel did. She found Alejandro and helped him to escape his cage, then manipulated him enough for him to openly challenge the world and therefor NightOfWar, who had risen to the status of “heroes”. When Andariel realized that even Alejandro had troubles to fight against that many people, she just disappeared and left him to die. She had to find another way and had the idea. Andariel waited until NightOfWar was said to be preparing for a war against another strong enemy. It was then that she joined them, leading them to believe she had changed and wanted to fight amongst them. She waited long enough for them to trust her, but one after another member fell, because of the strangest death reasons. Of course it was all her doing, but nobody would know until the final victim. No, Andariel didn’t simply want to kill them all, she wanted to kill a few and then make the other suffer and watch as the group breaks down. Andariel killed the leader of NightOfWar, Melanie, and then disappeared into the night, leaving her sign at the crime scene for them to know. After that until now she never got disturbed by them anymore. It’s not like nobody of them wanted revenge, but the group simply really had actual problems with staying together and managing everything after their leader’s death. In the meantime Andariel got stronger and stronger and even became her teacher’s successor with the title of the “Dark Queen”.


The Title: Thousands of years ago a competition among the strongest dark magicians was held to determine the most powerful dark magician of all. He or she should gain glory and respect among all magical creatures. After a dark wizard left the competition as victor, gaining the title, there were two possibilities to give it away. If there is anyone who can kill the Dark King/Dark Queen, that person should gain the title. If nobody is able to kill the person with the title, the titleholder is allowed to PICK a successor, who would become the new Dark King/Dark Queen. The title brings within great respect and glory, like I already said, but also good connections and an artifact, which would strengthen the titleholder's magical powers even more. The disadvantage of course is, that from time to time competitors will come and try to beat you. It's also a fact that many people will try to become the titleholder's student, it's up to the Dark King/ Dark Queen though, whether they want to teach or not.


Additional Info:

-Andariel was my 2nd OC ever, Chinga following as the third, while Melanie was the first.

-Andariel’s lovers and also a few companions have never been lucky. She even sacrificed one of them and threw him right into acid to proof that nobody will ever stand in her way and to gain a powerful artefact. During her time of NightOfWar she also tricked one of their members into loving her and officially became a couple, only to have someone to toy with and leave behind. Alejandro, who was her companion, was also left behind to die.

-Andariel once used to have a few people as her servants and companions in battle. One of them was Medracor. Strangely he always seemed to have her trust and is one of the rare people, she wouldn’t betray without a wink. It offended and angered Andariel a lot more than she would ever admit, that he left her and joined NightOfWar instead.

-I Stole the name Andariel from the video game Diablo, which my neighbor and good friend used to play to that time very often ->… ,…

-Minerva was the first one with her title who actually chose TWO successors, both Andariel AND Alejandro and begged them to work together, which is the only reason they do.

-It may happen, that I change her hairstyle again pretty soon, since I have never been entirely happy for a long time with her appearance.



Minerva: Andariel feels deep love, trust and admiration towards her former master and teacher.

Alejandro: After Andariel’s betrayal of course their relationship was… well… pretty bad, but after Minerva forced them to work together, they decided to get over it and start anew. They still don’t trust each other to 100%, but have a good business-relationship.

Zodiac: Andariel thinks Zodiac’s wish to master all three paths of a dark magician is nothing but amusing, just as his swot-and-serious-being in general, which is why she loves to make jokes about and get him into awful situations from time to time.

Nigra: Although Andariel only accepted Nigra as her student at first, because it freaked Zodiac out, she now enjoys her company and training her.

Medracor: Medracor has been Andariel’s only “servant” she actually felt a lot of sympathy for. His company was a pleasure and she was always happy to have him around. Andariel went spare, when he left her to join NightOfWar, not even able to realize what just happened. She cursed and angered and swore vengeance to his betrayal. However, she always kept an eye on him and when he actually feels really down and is in a completely desperate phase, she comes up to him and makes him sign a contract to remain on her side as her companion until she dismisses him from it.

NightOfWar: Bigges. Enemy. Ever. (lawl)

Bloodlash: The species “petit cauchemar” was created by Andariel. The first one of this new species, Bloodlash, stayed at her master’s side and serves her. Andariel truly loves her magical “little pet”

Name: Medracor Noctis (Noctis -> last name, latin -> nights)

Age: 26 years

Gender: Male

Species: Human (more or less…)

Family: Father disappeared, Mother is still alive, his brother Alex is still alive as well

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Single again, but will get together with Andariel

Personality: Medracor is usually a pretty funny guy, always getting people to laugh and he really loves doing that. He also isn’t dumb and pretty good at communicating with people. However, he’s quite homophobic and also doesn’t like little children, because he doesn’t like how noisy they are. He loves animals though. All in all Medracor is easy-going, but can also be pretty cold towards his enemies.

Story: Medracor’s father ran away when he was still a child, so he only grew up with his mother and brother, who he loves very much though. However, when Medracor was about 12 years old he sneaked into a factory, being curious what’s inside. Sadly he saw things he should have never seen and so the workers caught him and used him for experiments. The factory belonged to a company called TFF (Technic for future), which tried to create a human with the perfect traits as well as humans, who were partly war machines (since to that time they weren’t able to build Yuusuke’s original war robot construction, those came later. The TOs etc. , which Kenarashi and Snow are). They succeeded in making Medracor one of those, him suddenly being able to partly control electricity and use it to fight. Being frightened to death, Medracor somehow managed to flee though and since then the guys from TFF are after him. He knew he needed to get stronger and with about 18 years he came across Andariel, then joined her as her companion. In exchange Andariel trained him. They had a pretty good relationship, but then Medracor met Andariel’s enemy group’s leader Melanie and fell in love for the first time. He left Andariel and joined NightOfWar, Melanie’s organization…. Andariel’s worst enemy ever….. However Melanie always saw him as a good friend and never loved him back. During his time with NightOfWar Medracor had two relationships, which were only gap fillers though. He broke up with his first girlfriend, then cheated on his second, since he finally met someone he loved: Shorai. Shorai and Medracor stayed together, as a couple, for over a year, however, she then broke up with him, because of reasons, he will never understand. Being completely down and broken and not knowing what to do, he gets approached by his former master Andariel again. She shows him that he had nothing but bad luck with NightOfWar and gets him to sign a contract with her. He’s now fighting on her side again, which is totally shocking for NightOfWar, but Medracor has made his decision and promised to remain on Andariel’s side for eternity. Later on they will fall in love and become a couple. At least that’s, what’s planned xD.

Additional info:

-When I created him, Medracor actually was a Yugioh 5DS RPC. I then used him for my own OC world though and that’s how he became an OC xD.

-I’ve already had him before joining dA, so he’s at least 6 years old

-He’s always been one of my important OCs, which is why I am very sorry, that I haven’t used him for such a long time.

-Medracor had so many girlfriends, because somehow I just didn’t manage to find the right one for him, someone as important and as loved as him. This is why I think Andariel might be the one. After all she was one of my first OCs ever and always played an important role as well.

-In his official story there are only 3 girlfriends named. During his time, he actually had 5 though, but I deleted the other 2 from his story.

-His pet/petit cauchemar “Elec” was a gift from Andariel

Pffft Andariel's bio is like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long, while Medracor's isn't, but to be honest: I wrote down his bio pretty quickly, because I am actually not really in the mood for bio's, but pictures have to get uploaded finally, so now I'll try to make at least one the next two days QAQ

I am fucking exhausted
Hope you like it :iconotlplz:

High five me friend by M3004
High five me friend
Base -> :iconasta9:
Collab and Lucy (the blue-haired girl on the right) -> :iconseptemberice:
Snow (the white-haired girl) -> :iconm3004:


I actually finished this yesterday, but I couldn't upload it because Internet was a bitch... You wouldn't believe it, but when my Mum's Huawei mobile phone is connected to the internet, nothing's left for my personal computer... Like seriously.... Can't say I'd like Huawei =A="
However, at least we managed to find out about the problem I guess ....

So have cute Snow and Lucy now, who are going to be friends in canon as well, just like their future-children :3
I also wanted to draw Snow in her "official" outfit again :la:
And I soft-shaded again 8D ... except some parts of the outfit, since they are meant to look... Dunno... hard?

However, in case you are interested in what else I am doing atm:
-I actually still have a lot of pictures to upload left from holidays. I haven't uploaded them yet though, since -> no time (due to school and driving license), no motivation to write biographies, no inner peace, much stress, NO FUCKING TIME
-I am also working on an open collab with Psycho. I won't promise anything though, because -> I have no time to finish it (It has been lying around for like 4 days now) and I don't know whether it will actually turn out nicely
-However I am sketching a lot. Nearly nothing get's finished though because -> I have no god damn time, sketching is more fun than coloring atm, coloring takes more time, time I haven't got

I hope you like this QAQ ♥
Quick Fanclub Running by M3004
Quick Fanclub Running
Base -> :icontaotaka:
Xanthe -> :iconm3004:

Well hello there :dummy:
This is actually a very quick base edit (Only took me 75 minutes)
But I guess I should explain why it is and what it is
So Robyn (:iconengelmoon: <- a lovely girl and great artist, take a look at her gallery ♥) wanted to start a project which concerns the Vocaloid song "1,2 fanclub". Well I haven't heard about it earlier, but she asked me if I had an OC that she could use together with her OC Tekuno for her project and so I listened to it. However Robyn needed a sketch of my OC's outfit for the song, so I ended up making this :) 
The chinese signs mean "cheerfulness" and "hope" btw... At least that's what google said :rofl:
AND they are drawn HORRIBLY, because I made them real quick... But I guess that's okay, since in the song video they are LEARNING chinese so yeah ;)

Enjoy Xanthe being a dork I guess :´D 
Hey there guys :dummy:
It's really not much
I just wanted to mention that I set up a new folder in my favorites, which is called "stuff for me.."
There I will put commissions and gifts etc I get ♥
The old ones aren't in it, because in all my favs I can't find every single piece.
But I will use this folder in future. I came up with that idea because I have caught myself several times now looking into that folders of others, because of wanting to find someone to commish and because I love my friend's Ocs and wanna see what they get :dummy:
So I thought: OKAY I NEED SUCH A FOLDER TOO... Maybe people are interested Q3Q

So yeah, I have got it now and the latest coms etc. are already in :dummy:

EDIT: Thanks to :iconveil-of-midnight: it must contain nearly all commissions and gifts now :la: ♥ THANKS 
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Hey I´m M3004. But you can also call me Psycho or Melanie.
I´m from germany and I draw and write stories.
I also make bases.
And just so you know: I am very direct ;). So if something or somebody disturbs me I will say that! Everybody who can´t deal with that is wrong on my page.
I will do everything for my friends, cause when I start trusting somebody he/she won´t be able to escape anymore XD.
Sometimes I´m not in the mood for dA so don´t wonder if I´m not online for a while.. I will come back ;)
If you still have questions feel free to ask!

Now I just have to say one IMPORTANT thing:

Yes.. I make FAULTS.. A LOT of faults... but I can learn from them... you just have to give me a chance!
Thank you =)

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Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Game Boy Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow
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Did you know that school is both? Positive and negative. Negative for example all those idiots you meet who are less clever than a stone. Positive for example all those funny and kind.. all those different people you meet when you have luck. All those bad days and all those crazy days. But I can also say about school:
STOOPID stamp by inkscripter Drawing in math class stamp by lizabey :thumb127458965:
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