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Gungnir Sketches by M3004
Gungnir Sketches
OC and sketches :iconm3004:

Just some sketches of Gungnir Q3Q ♥

1. Gungnir as child
2. Gungnir with wet hair OTL Here you can see her little horns btw :la:
3. Gungnir using much of her demonic powers
4. Beautiful Gungnir? :dummy: 

I can't tell you how much I adore her hair :heart:
Oh! I totally forgot to say earlier that the hairstyle got inspired  by Jezebeth from Might and Magic ->… Just wanted to mention that Q3Q
Gungnirs Battle Mage Outfits by M3004
Gungnirs Battle Mage Outfits
Bases -> :iconrika-dono: 
Gungnir and Outfits :iconm3004:

Okay, okay, just joking, sorry xD
Here you can see Gungnir's 3 main battle outfits :dummy:
Well, like I already said once she is a battle mage and after playing too much Bravely Default with all it's lovely outfits, I also wanted to draw some Outfits that fit the warrior class Q3Q
So yeah.. One is colored, the others only have colored lineart because I am lazy. Still, I really like all of those outfits :dummy:

Well, that's it :dummy:
What's wrong (mortal) by M3004
What's wrong (mortal)
Anael :iconseptemberice: + :iconm3004:
Picture :iconm3004:

Anael in her demon-form :dummy:
Her father Knife has a similar one btw, his sister too (only in blueeee) 

Well the head became too big again but ... well.. happens Q-Q one of my main problems... Though that picture is a little old too.. Maybe I am already better at it? xD 
I can't tell to be honest, but I'll just go on working on it :la:
Lying on a fake beach by M3004
Lying on a fake beach
Gungnir and art :iconm3004:

They went to a beach party and Gungnir is happy :dummy:
The palm tree in the BG is one of those inflatable things btw ;)

And well I don't know, but when looking at it "Lying on a fake beach" always pops up in my head XD. And that's a sentence from the song "Radioactive" by Marina and the Diamonds OTL well fuck xD

I really fucked up hard with the collarbones here :dummy: Now it looks a bit crappy, but I still like the pic a lot Q///Q :heart: 

I hope you like it :la:

PS: Gungnir has yellow-orange blood -> orange blush, yellow inside of mouth, yellow retina
Psycho's Revival by M3004
Psycho's Revival
All OCs and art :iconm3004:
Except Anael who also belongs to :iconseptemberice: ♥♥♥

Oh my god

I FINALLY managed to finish the picture I started about christmas time and I finally managed to write down the biographies. And since those already are long enough (well, actually they aren't THAT long, but we have many people here.. soooo) I don't really want to say THAT much right here. Only thing before all the biographies come: With relationships, only the relationships within the group are meant in here. 

Psycho's Revival in general: Suddenly all former members of Psycho's Army disappear and their children, who of course want their parents back, start to search for them. They build up a group and because everyone knows the disappearance must have to do something with their parent's former membership in Psycho's Army, they call their group Psycho's Revival. After voting, Tristan has to take over the job as the leader of the group. By the way... After they get back their parents and all, many of them will go into politics. 

Character Information:

Name: Anael Fujita 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Single

Demon-abilty: Like her father, Anael has the ability to remain invisible for a certain time.


-Father: Knife (great relationship)

-Father: Hiosu (great relationship)

Character: Anael is a very smart person, sometimes also very naughty, but she knows just exactly when to stop. She is also very protective when it’s about her friends and a very good friend herself. She’s also very charismatic and often gets what she wants.

Hobbies: Going out with friends, :iconseptemberice: and I still need to talk about some more sorry XD


Story: Anael spends a pretty normal life… well okay, that ONE exception that she’s a half-fire-demon aside, at least. Sadly not all too long though. One day her father Knife suddenly disappears and she and her other father Hiosu actually don’t know why until a little group of descendants of members of Psycho’s Army knock on her door and tell her about their equal fate. Together they decide to go search for them.


Job: Since Anael doesn’t know where to fight, she fulfills another, but very important, task. Anael does her best to find sponsors, rich people who are willing to help Psycho’s revival or who want to employ some of their members (Figaro as model for example). Her charisma is also very useful for gaining information by talking.



-Cordelia: is her best friend

-Tristan: Anael and Tristan have known each other for forever, since Knife and Darcienne are best friends and often met each other. He and Anael are good friends.




Name: Jerome Anderson

Age: 22

Gender: male

Sexuality: demi sexual

Status: single


-Mother: Treasure (great relationship)

-Father: Thunder (great relationship)

Character: Jerome is a very SILENT person, who only speaks when really necessary. The more it surprises that he is able to summon incredibly strong creatures from another world. This exhausts him a lot though. He is also a very good observer and always seems very calm inside. The truth though is that Jerome often fights with self-doubt.

Hobbies: Taking long walks, writing (Jerome carries a little book in which he seems to notice things he sees as important), watching TV-shows, climbing


Story: Besides his self-doubt, Jerome’s life has been pretty good and normal too until both of his parents disappear and he starts to search for Tristan, because he doesn’t really know who else he could tell about it and get help from.


Job: Warrior/Summoner (Fights by summoning strong creatures from another world, also able to heal, fights with staffs or knives, high magical strength, low physical strength)



-Tristan: They are good friends. Unfortunately they can’t meet each other very often.




Name:  Tristan Menard

Age: 23

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Status: single

Demon-ability: Although Psycho’s ability “Sanguis” normally can’t get bequeathed, Tristan appears to be able to use it as well.


-Mother: Psycho (no real relationship, since she died when he was about one year old, he still feels love for her)

-Father: Chemicide (catastrophic relationship, although Chem died in the same moment as Psycho. Tris simply hates him, because he found out that Chem, his own father, killed his mother)

-Adoptive mother: Darcienne (very good relationship)

Character: In general Tristan is what you’d call a “lone wolf”. He tries his best to keep emotions inside and doesn’t like to “make new friends”. He can’t stand crowds and the only persons he opens up to are Darcienne, Jerome and partly Anael, later also Gungnir. Psycho’s son is also very thoughtful, actually he has problems not to think too much about people, morality, ethics etc.

Hobbies: Fleeing from human contact xD, drawing, training, the piano.


Story: Tris has always wondered why his mother Darcienne never wanted to speak about his father, but he stopped asking once he realized it pained her too much. At his 8th birthday, she told her about his real parents though and that they sadly died. She also told him their story, but Darcienne never planned to tell him how they died though. Tristan heard that at the age of 14 when he accidently interrupted a conversation between Knife and his adoptive mother. From this day on, he began to hate his real father with every piece of his heart, no matter how much Darcy tried to reduce that hate. One day Jerome suddenly crossed Tristan’s way to university and told him about his parents suddenly disappearing. The orange-haired guy immediately got a bad feeling and together they drove to Darcienne as fast as possible. When they arrived she was already gone too. The men decided to warn the other descendants of the Army’s former members, unfortunately they always arrived a second or two too late…


Job: Warrior/General (The leader of a group, fights with guns of every kind or swords, high strength and defense, no magical powers though)



-Jerome: is a good friend of Tris.

-Anael: They have known each other for a long time and became friends too.


Random Info:

-Tris’ original hair color is the same brown tone his father had, but Tristan doesn’t want to be reminded of him in any way, so he decided to dye it orange like his mother always did.

-While the name “Mum” and “Momma” are reserved for Darcienne only, “Mother” is only for Psycho, Tristan’s real mother.






Name: Gungnir Valdez

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Status: single


-Mother: Scythe (great relationship)

-Father: Zodiac (very good relationship)

-Maybe I’ll also add a brother, but I haven’t decided whether to do that yet.

Character: Gungnir is a very cheeky and mostly optimistic girl, she knows exactly when to be serious again though and barely annoys anyone. For her young age, her personality is a pretty strong one. The girl can look as if being incredibly bored whenever she wants too.

Hobbies: Studying battle-magic, spend time with her family, training, sports of any kind, strategy games.


Story: Gungnir’s life before her mother got kidnapped was a little bit more exciting than the past of the others, since Gungnir always had incredible power inside of her: On one side her demon powers already are pretty strong, on the other side she is even able to use dark magic and to be honest: Gungnir is obsessed with fighting. She trained a lot and is very strong. What has always been a problem too is her hair, since it’s always looked a bit like a flame and the more Gungnir uses her demonic powers the more it actually turns into flames. Her parents could never send her to a normal school. The girl has always been happy anyways. When her mother suddenly gets kidnapped though, she decides to go search for her. Meanwhile they come back to also get her father, who had once been a helping part of the army. While searching for her mother, Jerome and Tris search for her and luckily find her soon.


Job: Warrior/Dark magician/Battle mage             



-Tristan: Gungnir is fond of Tristan, that’s no secret. She admires him for his strength and intelligence, plus she is a big fan of Psycho and all around it. Gungnir is also the one who suggests to vote for Tristan as their leader. After a while she manages to make him open up a little to her and they become friends. She also got a little crush on him.


Random Info:

-Although Gungnir generally has a pretty small and petite stature, she is incredibly strong and the best fighter of Psycho’s Revival


Name: 3ATA (Three A T A) / “Katy”

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Alien-Species called Sczarkstzawnmak (But since no one is able to say that properly, Figaro lovingly calls them “Lingua” which is Latin for tongue xD)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Status: Single


Special Ability: Able to read someone’s mind, but can’t manipulate it or talk via telepathy


Character: very self-confident (actually sometimes TOO self-confident, because she overrates herself from time to time), seems emotionally cold (but ain´t), intelligent, curious (although she will never admit that), short-tempered


Loves: Flying around in space, mind-reading, the stars

Likes: Hunting, technical stuff, Pluto

Dislikes: Mars, when it´s way too hot outside, Humans
Hates: The smell of roses (to her it’s incredibly disgusting), U7G8 (a person from her planet)



Hobbies: Flying around in space and mind-reading xD, training, watching (everything and everyone :´D)


Story: The people from her planet had once kidnapped a few humans from earth. Centuries later nobody of the humans living there really knows that anymore though and most of the aliens also don’t. As a child 3ATA’s parents want to introduce their humane friends to her daughter, who also have a son. The two get along well and meet each other pretty often, always at the same restaurant where their parents meet. The fact the boy ages faster than 3ATA never bothered both of them and a deep friendship developed over the years. When they first met the guy somehow even came up with calling her “Katy” which became 3ATA’s nickname. As teenagers their friendship turns into something else... into love. They really fall for each other and also become a couple. One day though it comes up that humans had been kidnapped by the Lingua and didn’t settle on this planet because they wanted too. Also that’s centuries ago, the humane population freaks out and a rough battle takes place, since all of them storm the airfields and steal space ships to travel back home. “Katy’s” beloved Mark sadly is amongst them too. In the middle of the battle their gazes meet each other, but Mark can’t hesitate and gets pulled into a spaceship by one of his friends. With a broken heart, 3ATA started to loathe humanity. One day her space ship crashes on earth though and she gets captured by some thieves. That’s when she meets the now around 40 year old Mark again, who frees her, although that means betraying his boss. While he wants to get close to “Katy” again, she is cold as ice and just wants to leave as soon as possible. The only one who can repair her space ship though is a man called Dr. Prof. Yuusuke Tendet. Unfortunately the guy got kidnapped and 3ATA has to join a weird group called Psycho’s Revival that tries to find him and some other weird human beings. Mark doesn’t join them, but helps them anyways from time to time and does his best to get the love of his life back.


Additional Info:

-“Lingua” have some strange, magical aura that makes humans think they were enormously beautiful and attractive.

-They have also got a long tail, they can even attack with. It´s the only body feature they can completely retract. Their spines are not retractable.

-Their skin is as hard as diamond. The only weak point is the complete spinal column at their back.



Name: Cordelia Tendet

Age: 19

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Status: single


-Mother: Anari (very good relationship)

-Father: Yuusuke (very good relationship)

-Brother: Derek (bad relationship)

-Half-Sister: Johanna (no relationship)

-Sister: Pandora (great relationship)

Character: Cordelia is a very smart and creative person, pretty lazy though. Spare-time is one of the most important things for her and she doesn’t like to have too much people around her. She prefers a few, real friends over many, false friends. She also loves to go out, but not to discos like most other people of her age, that’s one of the reasons she isn’t that popular. She’s mostly very responsible, only sometimes she is a little rebel. In general Cordelia is a logical thinking persons, who mostly spreads good mood though and a very good listener.

Hobbies: GAMING, game-design, going to Starbucks, visiting those who are close to her


Story: Cordelia has always been a person who rather spent her time with older people, not those of her age. Actually that never really changed. She went to a school for very intelligent people and graduated with 18. For three years she had a love-relationship with her class-teacher. She really loved that man and never expected him to treat her differently in school, he also never did. Though nobody really KNEW something, rumors began to spread anyways and the principal of the school made it clear to her lover that he’d lose his job for sure if they found any evidence. That happened in her last school year. Actually the man ended their long relationship right in the big break on the day the principal said that to him. Cordelia was shocked that he gave up on her so easily, especially in her last year on the school. She was extremely disappointed, never let that through though. Since that time she pulled back a little and doesn’t trust people so quickly. After school Cordelia started an education as game-designer. One day her father didn’t return from work anymore and the day after Tris and the others stood in front of their door and explained everything. While they did, Cordelia’s mother Anari suddenly disappeared too. Cordelia stopped her training and joined them in the search for their parents instead. She tries her best to learn everything on her own though.


Job: Cordelia designs games, mostly apps, to gain some money for their thing. She’s also a master at hacking by the way, so if Anael can’t get information by talking, it’s up to her to find something out.



-Anael: is her best friend

-Johanna: They have met only a little before all of that happened and those two don’t have quite the relationship already. They like each other. That’s all. But they’ll grow closer by searching for their father together.





Name: Johanna Tendet

Age: 30

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Status: single


-Mother: Tachyita (good relationship)

-Father: Yuusuke (first an awful relationship, now a good one)

-Half-sisters: Pandora, Cordelia (nearly no relationship)

-Half-brother: Derek (bad relationship)

Character: Johanna is pretty much like her father: very intelligent and satisfied with herself, not in the extreme way though. Unlike her father she’s the outgoing type and not that strict. Johanna loves to go drinking from time to time and have her fun. In general she is very polite and friendly, has a strong personality though and isn’t afraid of being direct.

Hobbies: her work, going out and party, reading, watching documentations


Story:  Johanna grew up only with her mother Tachyita who always told her that her father, the famous scientist Yuusuke Tendet just left them without even looking back. Her mother taught her to always pay attention about men and what an asshole Yuu was. Johanna, only having her mum, of course believed her and developed a strong hate for Yuusuke. She did her best to be the best one at school and get into constructing robots. When Tachyita died, Johanna swore to outdo Yuusuke’s work as far as the war robots are concerned and soon came up with her machines. She wanted to expose her father so badly that she made a fault though. The robots went crazy after a defect and no one really had an idea how to shut them down. Johanna had to ask her hated father for help and when it came out that she was her daughter, he told her the truth. At first Johanna couldn’t believe it, although working together with him hadn’t be THAT bad… although he hadn’t been such an asshole. She simply didn’t want to believe her mother had lied to her.  At the end they manage to shut down the robots though and father and daughter get a new start. Only 2 years after he and his wife suddenly disappear though and Johanna joins Psycho’s Revival to search for him.


Job: Scientist (Mainly into constructing robots). She builds weapons and security systems for the group.



Name: Figaro Byars

Age: 24

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Status: single


-Mother: Lupo (good relationship)

-Father: Xeradon (great relationship)

Character: Figaro is a very self-confident guy, he doesn’t care about what others think of him at all. That doesn’t mean he thinks he’s better than anyone else though. Actually he likes to help others and make them more confident about themselves too. He’s very supportive and always manages to lighten up the mood. Figaro also never acts in any way snaky and is the guy you could simply tell everything.

Hobbies: His job, cheering up other people, looking good OTL, driving round in his car, sleeping, eating xD, jogging


Story: At the age of 18 Figaro got discovered by Miharu and became a model. His life has always been a bit strange, since his dad is the god of death, but mostly it hasn’t been THAT exciting. When his mother suddenly disappears and he finds out about the others, he joins Psycho’s Revival to find her.


Job: Model (He also gains money for the group, you see)

BTW: I finally wrote down 3ATA's story höhöh ♥ ... And you may have noticed that I changed a bit about her ö3ö

So yeah.. sorry for so much reading stuff I guess? xD Thanks if you read it though! I am always happy if someone is interested in the stuff I write :heart: And I hope youuuu like theeeeem :dummy: 

by :iconayamekurosami:

woop woop

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

Five things about me:

1st.while my favorite colors were turquise, blue and especially poison green for many years, that changed about an half year ago to bloodred ♥

2nd. I really love my orange-black hair. It's the only thing I'd call perfect on my body (Doesn't mean I totally hate my body, but I simply use the word "perfect" 
very rarely, only if I mean it. 

3rd. Special songs remind me of special games, just because I listened to this song over and over again when playing that game... Lay all your love on me by Abba
-> Rune Factory 2. Miracle is dead by Luka -> Golden Sun Dark Dawn. KUMA BEAT sang by an unknown Vocaloid (lawl) -> Dragon Quest 9 :´D 

4th. My Personas always stand for a special phase or emotion. While Shadow mainly symbolizes my depression-phase which held on for about 8 months, Psycho stands for the insanity and Mel for happiness and peace with myself (which is pretty ironical, because she lives in the not so happy SnK world OTL). I'm also planning to come up with a 4th Persona/OC who will symbolize my basic personality Q3Q. And actually this is the first time I ever wrote this down. 

5th. I came up with the name "Psycho" for my main OC/Persona, because I was listening to the song Super Psycho love by Simon Curtis all day and I always imagined Psycho being psycho when it's about Chemicide. :la:

Questions to me!

1. What is your favourite Anime at the moment ?

VERY difficult question to be honest... I could tell you my favorite movie in general (X-men first class + Beverly Hills Cop + iRobot + Ghost busters)
Or my favorite manga (Yaoi: The tyrant who fall in love; Mystery: Death Note)
Or my favorite games (Fire emblem Awakening, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Etrian Odyssey and a few more tbh)

I actually don't watch very much mangas ... The ones I love the most though are Death Note and Shingeki no Kyojin I'd say Q3Q ♥
(I also really loved Yugioh 5ds, but only the first season, the 2nd was crappy as fuck .-. )

2. Which of my OC's do you like the most ?

DIFFICULT because I like many of your OCs honey... I'd say Ayame and Martin though Q3Q

3. Cookie or Cake ?


4. Whats your favourite song ?

IN GENERAL: Circus Monster by Luka Megurine, Remote control english cover (by Juby I guess), Insanity by Vocaloid,  Bad Apple english cover, Bacterial contamination by Miku Hatsune, Love is War by Miku , Yellow english cover, Echo by Gumi, ...

AT THE MOMENT: Echo by Gumi and Drop Pop Candy (The english cover)

5. Do you have Skype ? (Yes or No is enough >u<) 

Yesh and you know thattttt :dummy:

My questions to you!

1st. If you were able to get any supernatural power you want, which would it be and what would you do with it?

2nd. Which OC or OCs of mine do you like the most? (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love that question, because it simply fucking interests me xD)

3rd. Which OCs of YOURS are currently your favorites?

4th. Would you like to be immortal? Or just live a little longer (300 years for example) ? Or is it fine the way it is?

5th. Describe me with one word mwahahahahahahaha >DD

I tag:
:iconayamekurosami: (Ich weiß ich darf eig. nicht, aber ich will Mann QAQ... du musst dann aber keinen mehr taggen), :iconseptemberice: , :iconkyasarin-uchiha: , :iconveil-of-midnight: (Ich weiß ich muss deinen anderen Tag noch lesen und das werde ich, weil ich auch wirklich Lust habe, aber bin noch nicht dazu gekommen I ish sorreh) , :iconkayaarune: , :iconheartandbonebreaker: , :iconmiiyu-sama: , :iconsketchyrainbow: , :iconerika624: 

I don't even know whether this are ten or not.. Anyways I am too lazy to count ♥
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: EcHo OoOoOoOoOoO
  • Reading: My last kill Scrubs fanfiction ♥
  • Watching: TV LIKE A PRO
  • Playing: SIMS 3, Bravely default
  • Eating: I dunno
  • Drinking: NUTHING QAQ


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Hey I´m M3004. But you can also call me Psycho or Melanie.
I´m from germany and I draw and write stories.
I also make bases.
And just so you know: I am very direct ;). So if something or somebody disturbs me I will say that! Everybody who can´t deal with that is wrong on my page.
I will do everything for my friends, cause when I start trusting somebody he/she won´t be able to escape anymore XD.
Sometimes I´m not in the mood for dA so don´t wonder if I´m not online for a while.. I will come back ;)
If you still have questions feel free to ask!

Now I just have to say one IMPORTANT thing:

Yes.. I make FAULTS.. A LOT of faults... but I can learn from them... you just have to give me a chance!
Thank you =)

♥♥♥ :happybounce: jean x marco stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps Jean x Marco Stamp by KsiezniczkaOlya :happybounce: ♥♥♥

Ocs stamp by M3004

Important and so damn lovely!!!:

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stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge
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Wanna know what is an inspiration, fun and has better worlds than the one we live in? GAMES. Seriously. I also found some nice stamps about that ♥:

Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Game Boy Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow
NES Stamp by StampPKU video game stamp by silver-escape I Heart Nintendo. by caffeine-overdosed
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Golden Sun - Stamp by Nintteplz Golden Sun - Dark Dawn Stamp by Megg-Lavender FOE stamp by PuddingValkyrie

Did you know that school is both? Positive and negative. Negative for example all those idiots you meet who are less clever than a stone. Positive for example all those funny and kind.. all those different people you meet when you have luck. All those bad days and all those crazy days. But I can also say about school:
STOOPID stamp by inkscripter Drawing in math class stamp by lizabey :thumb127458965:
Hogwarts Stamp by WetWithRain Procrastination Stamp by SweetDuke Homework Kills Stamp by Sky-Yoshi

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