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Sorry friend.... by M3004
Sorry friend....
Sketch -> :iconveil-of-midnight:
Coloring -> :iconm3004:
Logan (OC) -> belongs to both of us :heart:

Angi is always drawing such wonderful sketches and I really wanted to color this one of Logan .... So I simply did :dummy:
Our precious hippie vampire bae :rofl: ♥♥♥

Hope you like it ;) 
High up in the skies (done collab) by M3004
High up in the skies (done collab)
Base -> :iconred-bases:
Shirono (the blonde guy) -> :iconseptemberice: (Precious bae with awesome OCs, take a look at her gallery~)
Apollo n BG -> :iconm3004:

... or better said high up in the mountains ehehehe ♥
Have an explanation 
-> Toni and I are having a rp to couple those two
-> In the rp they meet up in the mountains (because of reasons xD)
-> Decided to make them be there in this collab as well... And the wind is blowing like fuck ;)

Whew... It was the first time I actually drew a full and proper colored Apollo ö3ö.... And I also changed his eye-color to pink, because only black was too boring
I also experimented with the hair, but ended up not liking it and making it black again :´D
But I like how the tail turned out ♥
However, I might change some of the colors in future again.. I'm still not 100% happy with them QAQ

I also added to Apollo's story that he's the half-brother of Survivor, Milena and Nawaikima, which makes him one of Satan's sons and one of the princes of the fireland.. But he flew from that place anyways xD

I'll stop talking now and hope you like it ;) :heart:
Take a dance with me AT by M3004
Take a dance with me AT
Katrin and Anthony -> :iconveil-of-midnight: (She's a great artist and awesome person, so take a look at her gallery :D)
Art -> :iconm3004:

Veil's wonderful part ->… (Take a look at it, it's absolutely s t u n n i n g :heart: )

Finally done with this piece ♥
Second time I drew a ballroom and first time I drew someone dancing :la:
However, there sadly went something wrong with the paper and coloration on it, which is why I'll make a bonus piece, but still, I loved this way too much to just not finish it AND
The goddamn paper may have been able to take me and my copics down, but not the Faber Castell~ Nope, they just told it to fuck off :dummy: (PRAISE THEM)

However, hope you like it :heart:
In front of the castle by M3004
In front of the castle
Madeleine, Skyler and art -> :iconm3004:
Madeleine was originally a gift adopt I got from :iconseptemberice: ->
Skyler was originally an ArtTrade-Adopt I got from :iconveil-of-midnight: ->…

I drew this 2 months ago, but couldn't get myself to write down their biography. Now I am finally done ♥
So have it ;) (Those two babes haaaah ♥♥♥ luv them)


“Heaven Creations”: This Company is (together with TFF) market leader in weapon-making. While they of course produce normal weapons, just like their biggest competitor “Technic For Future” they have also got a very special sort of weapon as well. Unlike TFF they don’t have war-robots, but supernatural creatures. Their scientists took the DNA of many different supernatural beings and use it to create their very own and special versions. Madeleine and Skyler are two of them.



Name: Madeleine Jardon

Nickname: Maddy

Species: (Artificial) Harpy

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: At first single, will get together with Skyler later

Personality: Madeleine usually is a pretty friendly person, but also brave and strong. She doesn’t mind apologizing for and admitting her faults and always does her best to learn from them. Due to her lonely past, she can’t stand being left alone. Madeleine always knows how to calm or motivate people and she can easily make somebody trust her. She’s also pretty curious, but does her best to hold back.

Story: As a “weapon” being made only for making money, Madeleine wasn’t made to think and live, but only to listen to orders. Having emotions and a brain though, Madeleine didn’t want to simply get sold and so she was able to flee. Of course people chased her and after 5 years they found her. Again, the girl was able to escape and she had found out that the men who were after her also wanted to find a guy called Skyler. They had even talked about where he lived and so Maddy decided to go and warn him. She even found him pretty quickly, but sadly so did their pursuers and Skyler and Madeleine were caught. However, nobody should underestimate both of them and after 2 months they were able to run away again. This time they didn’t have the time to think carefully about where to go though and just jumped on a ship. At the end they landed on the beach of Chaiyakna and after a hard battle they got chained by the knights of the kingdom and brought to their queen Amunet. Amunet offered them safety and a free life, she just wanted them as soldiers for her army of supernatural creatures. Skyler didn’t want to agree, but Madeleine was able to convince him, that this was the best that could happen to them, so they agreed. However, Skyler and Madeleine found out that Amunet charms people with some kind of demonic magic and secretly prepare to fight her and end this.

Name: Skyler Craven

Species: (Artificial) Gorgon

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: At first single, will get together with Madeleine later

Personality:  Skyler is very clever, a loner though, who doesn’t trust anybody due to his past. After the death of the woman he loved, he also doesn’t want to let anybody come too close in order not to kill them or get hurt. While he always fights with himself and is pretty much filled with sorrow, since his life hasn’t been so good, he acts pretty cool and cold.

Story: Skyler should have been sold as a weapon as well. However he got lost pretty soon after he had been created. A childless couple found the baby and took it with them. They cared for Skyler until he turned 6. Then his powers developed and one day, when he and his parents argued, they suddenly turned to stone. From this moment on, everybody that looked into his eyes did that as well. The people of the village saw Skyler as a sort of demon and tried to kill him, but didn’t succeed. Skyler managed to escape and lived alone for years. He later used sunglasses to not instantly kill anybody he met. However, one day he met a girl and after several meetings they fell in love with each other. Skyler loved her more than anything and she loved him, but with the years her curiosity grew bigger and bigger. She begged Skyler to let her see his eyes, which was very difficult for him, because he didn’t want to hear of it. But no matter how often he told her, that it would kill her, the girl’s curiosity wouldn’t stop. One morning Skyler opened his eyes and again couldn’t believe his luck, since he was able to see his love’s beautiful face every morning. However, shortly after opening his eyes, the woman he loved so much turned to stone. She had put off his sunglasses while he had been asleep and waited for him to wake up. And now she was dead. The world broke down for Skyler. He hated himself more than he had ever and even tried to commit suicide a few times after he lost the love of his life. However, somehow he could never end it, something magical always held him back and so he had to live with his loss and the fact of being a monster and nothing else. After these happenings Skyler grew even more cold and lonely. One day a girl called Madeleine appeared though and told him that their creators, Skyler hadn’t even known he had some, were chasing after them. Together they ran away, got caught, but were able to flee again. They jumped on a ship, which brought them to Chaiyakna, where the queen, who gave Skyler a strange feeling, wanted to recruit them. Since everywhere else they would have been caught again, they agreed, but Skyler felt that something wasn’t right with that queen and found out, that she used some kind of demonic power to seduce people, that wouldn’t voluntarily follow her orders. Consequently Madeleine and Skyler secretly prepare to end her reign. 


Hope you like them ♥


by :iconayamekurosami:


1)Choose an OC

2)Answer them as the OC

3)Tag 5 people to do the same


I'll just give a fuck and answer with my 3 Fire Emblem OCs, since I really love them :dummy:
-> Becky and Drako (FireEmblem Awakening OCs) by M3004 Fourth OC/Persona Merani (Edit at the end of desc) by M3004
                    Becky                           Drako                        Merani (OC/Persona)

What is your name?
Becky: Why, hello there, my name is Becky ~ ♥
Drako: .... Drako *looks away with a bored expression*
Merani: My name's Merani.

Do you known why you named that?
Becky: I was named after my grandma, who died a week before I was born.... 
Drako: How should I know?
Merani: Because my parents liked this name a lot.

Are you Single or Taken? 
Becky: *sighs* Still single, all of us actually :(
Drako: I've got enough sex though *grins*
Merani: It's better not to lose your heart... 

What powers do you have?
Becky: Uhm I... I am an archer? QAQ
Drako: I'm sarcastic, an asshole and a fucking glorious magician. Does that count?
Merani: I can also use dark magic, which is pretty rare for someone of the class tactician.

Stop being a Mary-Sue.
Becky: What's that?
Drako: Why don't you stop talking nonsense first?
Merani: What the fuck is a Mary-Sue meant to be? It's just a name after all..

What's your eye color?
Becky: A wonderful tone of peachy *winks*
Drako: Green... like poison strong enough to kill you within seconds.
Merani: *sighs* A boring brown as you can see.

How about Hair Color? 
Becky: A pretty tone of light blue~
Drako: Black as my soul.
Merani: *smirks* Orange-black, I love it.
Becky: ... *looks to Drako* Why do you always have to speak like being the death in person?
Drako: Why do you always have to speak as if the world consisted out of rainbows?
Becky: Maybe I am just trying to make the world we live in more beautiful and happy!
Drako: Well fuck it, maybe I am just being REALISTIC?
Merani: Shut the fuck up, both of you .-.
Becky: But!
Drako: *sighs* .. Yeah, you're right.
Becky: ... //Merani is always right for you, huh? However, I am never....//

Have any family members?
Becky: Yeah, parents.
Drako: Fuck off.
Merani: *looks away* They are dead.

Oh? How about pets? 
Becky: Sadly not ^^; 
Drako: Go the fuck away. 
Merani: ..... *watches Lon´qu training* //I have to learn how to use a sword like THAT// ...

That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Becky: *looks at Drako angrily* Pessimistic people!
Drako: *stares back* Optimistic people, not able to see how the world TRULY is!
Merani: A lot of things, but especially dumbness. 

Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do? 
Becky: I am pretty good at styling and dancing and acting and I love taking walks an chatting as well! *smiles lady-like*
Drako: Fighting and creeping people out I'd say *smirks a bit*
Merani: I love drawing and strategy games... I also like training with sword or magic... And singing to be honest, but it's... well, it's not really good *laughs a bit*
Drako: *grins* It's HORRIBLE
Becky: We don't mind though! I always say: Better sing awfully than not singing AT ALL *winks* 
Merani: ^^;

Have you ever hurt someone in anyway?
Merani: We are all living in a world with war, undeads and even worse all around. We're warriors. Obviously EVERYBODY of us has. 

Ever... Killed anyone before?
Drako: Are you fucking kidding?

What kind of animal are you?
Becky: As you can see... we are all humans ^^;


Name your bad habits.
Becky: Expecting too much *sighs*
Drako: I'm bad at all of that social shit...
Merani: *sighs* Same here... And I have a short temper... And I'm lead by vengeance
Becky: We all are honey *hugs her*
Merani: I know...
Drako: *watches them warily*
Becky: You too idiot! *pulls him into the hug as well*
Drako: Ugh, dammit =A=

Do you look up to anyone?
Becky: Olivia! She's such a fantastic dancer! Oh, and Sir Frederick... He's so... responsibly and such a gentleman =//w//=
Drako: .... Merani
Becky: *giggles* Actually Drako looks up to Stahl as well, but of course he can't admit that *giggles even more*
Drako: *annoyed expression* Stop dreaming, lass. 
Merani: *grins, because she knows Becky is right* I used to look up to my father and to Saki... But sadly.. Both of that doesn't count anymore, all of the admiration.. is gone *looks to the ground with a painful expression*
Becky and Drako: *do the same now* ...

Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
Becky: Straight <//<
Drako: Why the fuck do you care?! ... Well, I'm NOT interested in women...
Merani: Heterosexual.

Do you go to school?
Becky: No, we've been to school long enough *laughs*
Drako: Hmph, that's actually right. Glad we're done with that.
Merani: *smiles* Yes, it was a good time, but it was enough time. We're all done with military school. 

Ever want to marry or have kids one day?
Becky: Oh my god, YES. To both of it! I'd love to have two children actually ♥
Drako: Hell no. 
Merani: I don't know... I think a marriage would be nice, but I'm not that much into children, to be honest. 

Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Becky: What? Uhm, well, I guess there are a lot of people, that really like my plays *smiles brightly*
Drako: No, and I don't need any. 
Merani: I.. don't think so and to be honest, it would be kind of weird. 

What are you most afraid of?
Becky: Being alone...
Drako: As if I told you.
Merani: He's right, I definitely won't tell you what I am most afraid of or in other words my greatest weakness. Wouldn't be very logical, would it?
Becky: ^^; err .. I don't think that it's SUCH a big deal

What do you usually wear? 
Becky: Fighting suit =A=
Drako: S a m e
Merani: Exactly.

Am I annoying to you?
Becky: Oh no.
Drako: Fuck yes.
Merani: A little bit...


Well, it's still not over yet.
Becky: I guessed so.
Drako: Fuck this shit.
Merani: ...Hard *smiles*

What class are you? (Low/Middle/High)?
Becky: You mean like... community class.. like royals and normal people and.... Low
Drako: Low.
Merani: ....... high

How many friends do you have?
Becky: Uhm, a few *smiles*
Drako: *points to Becky and Merani* Those two females. 
Merani: Real friends? Becky and Drako. I used to have more, but things happened.. you know... Like the goddamn war.

What are your thoughts on pie?
Becky: Makes fat OTL
Drako: Not my type of food.
Merani: <.< gimme a piece ... ♥


Favorite Drink?
Becky: Lemonade :D
Drako: Wine. 
Merani: Iced tea to be honest *chuckles*


What's your favorite place?
Becky: The theater! 
Drako: Anywhere, where no one else is.
Merani: Somewhere near the ocean or the forest.

Are you interested in someone?
Becky: *blushes a bit* Yes ♥ .... Sir Frederick ahhh~
Drako: *disgusted look* 
Merani: *looks away*
Becky: *sighs* Actually those two are interested in somebody as well, but they are still trying to hide and fight against it =A=

That was a stupid question...
Becky: No, it wasn't. I love talking about romantic things ♥
Drako:  d i s g u s t i n g 
Becky: Actually, you are just a big, grumpy cat, aren't you?
Drako: ts
Merani: *looks up to the sky and thinks about things*

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Becky: A lake!
Drako: I don't really care...
Merani: definitely the ocean *smiles a bit*


What's your type?
Becky: Gentleman, a bit severe, a true man :eyes:
Drako: Well, you aren't, that much I can tell.
Merani: *has to laugh* I don't really know.

Any fetishes?
Becky: Errrrrr....
Drako: Oh, I bet you'd really like to know that, but my lips are closed~
Merani: Aaand I agree.

Camping indoors or outdoors?
Becky: How can you camp indoors?
Drako: I think the interviewer is just being stupid .-.
Merani: Illogical question.... And since I really have to do business now, I'll leave *stands up and makes her way to the strategy-tent*
Drako: Yeah, let's get up *gets up and leaves as well*
Becky: ... I guess, I'll do the laundry now. Bye *goes away too*

I don't really want to tag anyone, so if you want to do it, just do ö3ö

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